Learn How to Recover Lost or Stolen Crypto & Import Private Key.

You now have the opportunity to use our Services to Recover Your Lost or Stolen Crypto & Import Private Key with our simple step-by-step guide.


Flash bitcoins transaction software makes it easy to send fake bitcoins for free. It is a bitcoin fork that generates bitcoin on the bitcoin network, and this bitcoin can be sent to any wallet address. Transactions with our script receive full confirmation and remain on the blockchain network for up to 90 days before being rejected by the system. With the premium license you can generate 5 Bitcoins per day, with a customized license you can generate 100 in one transaction per day. You can see more in our video tutorial.

With Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network), the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to generate and send up to 100 Bitcoin daily. And for those seeking even greater power, A customized license allows you to send a staggering 100 Bitcoin in a single transaction, as demonstrated in our captivating video demo.

  • – One-time Payment.
  • – Send Bitcoin to any wallet on the blockchain network
  • – Comes with Blockchain and Binance server files.
  • – No hidden Charges.
  • – 24/7 Support.

Sending 1,000 BTC to a wallet address:
In the demonsration above; 1,000 BTC was sent to our wallet address using the Flash BTC premium, Click here to view the transaction on the Blockchain network.

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